Transformation Through Unity


Pioneer Solutions uses leading research practices with a laser-focus on the intersection of the Christian faith and civic life. Through our custom-designed approach to research, we can help you learn more about your audience, message, and impact than you thought possible. From ministries to churches, from political organizations to cause-related non-profits, we can help you achieve more with the following types of research:

  • Attitude and opinion measurement
  • Community and geographic studies
  • Concept testing
  • Congregational surveys
  • Copy testing
  • Demographic analysis
  • Donor profiles
  • Feasibility studies
  • Image and awareness measurement
  • Psychographic analysis
  • Segmentation analysis



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The highly-trained UiP call team conducts ongoing surveys for this research center by talking with hundreds of churches across the nation each week. The Churches Impacting Culture website features the results of UiP surveys conducted with churches across the nation on a variety of topics – from gun control to same sex marriage. Utilizing UiP’s uniquely customized and targeted surveys, PPN keeps a finger on the pulse of the concerns, beliefs, and direction of the churches in Pennsylvania.